About - William Gammuto

Since I have started to work as a photographer in 2007, I had the honor to collaborate with prestigious and interesting companies. I mainly focus on corporate reports, pack shots, lifestyle portraits and industrial photography.

My career is unusual since I’ve first learnt mechanics and then studied education. These experiences gave me a technical logic and an understanding of human psychology and feelings. Thanks to this background, you will be able to see both pure technical pictures and portraits full of emotions on my website.

For my personal work, I love using analog photography which enables me to give the grain I particularly appreciate to my pictures, capturing “life” and the emotions of a moment. For two years, I have had the pleasure to share my life with my wife, Karine, with whom I collaborate on important events. Moreover, she gives me inspiration and her beauty is for me an opportunity to experience new styles and to create personal projects.

Don’t hesitate to contact me in French or English, as you prefer, or even in German or Italian. I would be more than happy and proud to share projects with you.

William Gammuto, Passionate photographer

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